Friday, 29 May 2009

Love that bokehToo!

Charlene and I have this friendly competition about shooting the the best bokeh picture. She recently wrote something about our friendly competition in her blog post. We were scouting the Caversham house compound for an upcoming wedding shoot when we spotted this beautiful, well lit vine with gorgeous red leaves. You know, I have this thing about autumn leaves. I am crazy about the bright red, yellow, orange and brown colours in the leaves during autumn. I just love the beauty of this particular season. This is also why I create this nickname "autumnleaf" for myself, and named my photography business Autumnleaf Photography.

Each year, I would attempt to snap a few photos of some autumn leaves. Here are some of the ones that I have done over the years:

Autumn leaf (by autumn_leaf)

autumn leaves (by autumn_leaf)

Autumn leaf (by autumn_leaf)

Charlene has some really beautiful autumnleaf images with great bokeh. Do visit her blog site to see for yourself.