Friday, 22 April 2011

Photo of the day - 22 April

Autumn leaves at Hyde Park

A photo of leaves from a liquid ambar tree.

The liquid amber tree leaves are very much similar to maple leaves, in terms of palmately lobed shape and fall foliage color. Also, both these trees are adapted in similar growing conditions.

Liquid Ambar (also known as American Sweetgum, Redgum, and sometime also spelt as "Liquid Amber") is a genus of 4 species of deciduous trees in the witchhazel (Hamamelidaceae) family. With a somewhat discrete distribution range, these trees are found in North and Central America, East Asia, and Turkey. These impressive trees produce some of the most spectacular autumn foliage known, and Liquid Ambar styraciflua, in particular, is a breathtaking sight when in full autumn color. The genus name literally means liquid amber, and refers to the resin exuded by the winter buds. Known as storax, the resin is used in perfumery and cosmetics.

The sorry state of Hyde Park

Before I get 1000 responses saying I am talking rubbish here, I am referring to the Hyde Park in Perth, or more accurately, situated in Leederville, in the city of Vincent. So for all the readers out there, the one I am referring to is not the one in London, Chicago or Sydney. It is right here in my own hometown here in Perth.

After having not been to Hyde Park since end of last year for a wedding shoot, I went there to check it out for a wedding I am shooting tomorrow. Back in my mind, I thought Hyde Park in this current autumn days would yield great imageries. I would get nice soft light peeling through layers of leaves from the maple trees. The golden light in the late afternoon would create a really romantic backdrops for the bridal couple. Ah, heaven!

Much to my surprise and great disappointment, when I surveyed the ground yesterday, the park (or should I say the lake) was in such a state of dismay. Ok, Hyde Park is now off the list of locations I would advice my couples to do their formal portraits until we get lots of rain in Perth, hopefully lots and lots of rain in the winter.

The dry out lake in Hyde Park


Little to no water in the lake

Little to no water in the lake

Hyde Park Birdlife sign

One does wonder why will happen to the water birds that the lakes in the park typically support. There were still patches of water in the once totally filled up lake. The waterbirds (ducks, Ibis, geese, etc) were making do with whatever the little patches of water left. It was indeed a very sorry sight....