Friday, 18 May 2007

Poem "An Autumn Leaf"

An Autumn Leaf
by Frank Maguire

A leaf once green, a vibrant green
Laced with a silken gown
Now hangs it's head, a weary head
The leaf has turned to brown

A rushing wind, a bracing wind
That blows incessantly
The leaf is weak, so very weak
As it falls down from the tree

A spiral path, a weary path
Is woven without a sound
The sun it sleeps, a deepening sleep
As the leaf falls to the ground

A thought of life, a fragile life
Now hanging by a thread
A thought of death, a seasonal death
As the leaf will soon be dead

A bed of leaves, a grave of leaves
Lie motionless today
The summertime, has had it's time
Now Autumn is on it's way

This poem was found here:

Autumn leaf (by autumn_leaf)


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