Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Lead Me By The Lavender

Lead Me By The Lavender - Copyright ©2003 Garrett Earl Johnson

Lead me by the lavender, beside the fields of green.
Lead me where you'd have me go, to places never seen.
Lead me beside the stillest waters where all your blessings flow.
Lead me precious Father, lead me where you'd have me go.
Lead me with your precious hands, marred by sins, not your own.
Lead me on before you Father lead me on before your throne.
Lead me with love divine and let my heart be thine.
Lead me on forever Lord let your love be mine.
Lead me ever constant, lead me ever kind.
Lead me on forever, ever gentle on my mind.
Lead me on to places never seen, to fields of evergreen.
Lead me on precious Father, ever bowed upon my knees.

Purple delight (by autumn_leaf)


Anonymous said...

hi Autmnleaf,
I'm Garrett Earl Johnson the author of this poem. I'm highly flattered at you using it and appreciate the link from your site to mine. I'm a disabled minister and long for a close relationship to the Lord. I see we share much in common. May the Lord draw and keep you close to him, may you find his refreshing at the end of the day and may he always lead you by the lavender.

Garrett Earl Johnson

Autumn Leaf said...

Dear Sir,
it is my greatest honour to have you drop a comment on my blog. May I ask how you have managed to find this?

Thank you so much for your encouragement. Yes, indeed the Lord has been very good to me and I do ask the Lord for his keepings. I thank the Lord for a faithful minister like you.

I do have many Lavender plants at home and everytime I see a lavender flower, I will remember you and ask the Lord to lead us closer to Him.

May the Lord bless and keep you always.


Anonymous said...

Dear Autumn Leaf,

I was first a computer nerd; I've had a home computer since 1975, and have been on the Internet since before they had graphic images. As a computer nerd with decades of experience I can find my way around quite well. I search periodically for certain phrases to see if I am being sought and to check on my various websites. I was surprised to see my work on a site that was not mine, so of course I checked it out. I was not sure how I would feel about my work being on someone's site, so I checked it out. I liked the professional look of your site, the comments you made and realized you were the type of person I posted my work for, and you found it. I am pleased it has struck a resonating cord in your heart.
I've posted some very old poetry I had thought was lost in a fire, a friend from Canada had saved a copy and sent it to me after a great house fire. Our works are talents and if we do not use them they will get taken from us. Please take a look at for the old ones. I hope you like them.

Sincerely Garrett Johnson