Sunday, 13 January 2008

A year of blogging and photography

How time flies. It has been slightly over a year since I decided to blog and to start posting some of my photography works here. It had been an interesting ride I should say.

Looking back, I am glad that I have kept up with my photography. A friend once thought that photography would just be a hobby that would last for, but just a short while. To him, photography was a fad or the latest "toy". Incredibly, not only have I pursued my interest in photography (especially in landscape photography), I am starting to evolve what was originally a hobby into a part time work.

In 2007, I have shot 4 weddings, 2 fashion shows, a couple of portraits for couples, etc. Wow, I've never thought I would be so "into" this. Admittably, I have always had interests in photography, but I wouldn't think about it everyday. I would only really get into the "zone" whenever I travelled overseas or having holidays. However, I am finding myself that there isn't one single day that I would not think about photography or related subjects such as image post processing or about the photography gears.

Hmm, talking about being passionate about something that nearly borderlines obsession. Yea, photography may become an obsession for me if I am not careful.

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