Tuesday, 11 March 2008

They don't build cars like this - no more

"Heaven 24x7" (by autumn_leaf) On the way home from work last Friday, while driving on the road, half day-dreaming about what I should shoot for a photography assignment based on the Nostalgia theme, I came pass this really cool looking 1950s/1960s car. That was it. The car would be my main subject. I promptly parked my car along the roadside, jumped across the road with my camera strapped around my neck. Apparently, this car was some sort of a chartered vehicle. Sat inside this convertible were 4 or 5 young ladies, whom I believe were on their way to their prom night. One of girl's father was taking a video of the girls in this "vintage" car, and the driver was patiently waiting at the side of the road.

Sensing I wouldn't have much opportunity to take too many shots, I asked the driver for the permission to take photos of the car and quickly snapped a couple. Satisfied I had half a dozen shots of the car from various angles, I reluctantly saw the car departed.

“back wings” (by autumn_leaf) Here are some of the shots. Hmm... a car with back fins (or sometimes also being called "wings") indeed looks cool, not only in the late 50s or early 60s, but even now. I could daydream and let my imagination run while about Elvis driving in one of these, with one of his hand stretching across the front seat caressing the young Priscilla Presley, while Priscilla busy trying to keep her beehive hairdo intact from the blasting breeze! Ha ha..

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