Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Fraser Motorcycles' Ducati Launch Party in Perth

Fraser Motorcycles is one of the biggest motorcycle retail chain in Australia. They carry some of the biggest motorcycle brands like BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha and Buell.

Last week, Frasers held a party at the Llama Bar in Subiaco, Perth for the official launch of the Ducati StreetFighter bikes in Perth.

I was hired as the official event photographer by Frasers. Taking along my trusty second shooter friend, Charlene, I also invited another bike-crazy photographer friend, Geoff, to assist me and join us for the shoot.

Here are some of the photos we took at that party:
Ducati Launch Party-1 (by autumn_leaf)
The excellent Fraser Motorcycles staff

Ducati Launch Party-2 (by autumn_leaf)
The bike still under the cover
(Photographer: Geoff)

Ducati Launch Party-9 (by autumn_leaf)
Ian Blackley from the local radio station Mix 94.5 was the MC for the night

Ducati Launch Party-5 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati Launch Party-4 (by autumn_leaf)
(Photographer: Geoff)

Ducati Launch Party-7 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati Launch Party-6 (by autumn_leaf)
(Photographer: Charlene)

Ducati Launch Party-8

Ducati Launch Party-10 (by autumn_leaf)
..and obviously the media and the press were there too for the event

Here are some of the static display of the a red Ducati and a white one

Ducati StreetFighter-1 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati StreetFighter-2 (by autumn_leaf)
(Photographer: Geoff)

Ducati StreetFighter-8 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati StreetFighter-10 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati StreetFighter-9 (by autumn_leaf)
(Photographer: Charlene)

For all the Perth Ducati bike lovers, you can visit Fraser's Ducati website here.

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