Thursday, 7 December 2006

The fun of Photowalking

I believe the term "Photowalking" was first coined by Robert Scoble when he did a 4 episodes series called "Photowalking with Thomas Hawk", where he simply walked along with a well known professional photographer by the name of Thomas Hawk, and asked him questions as he took photos. And it was a superb conversation with a good photographer who tells a lot about his job and useful technical tips.

You can see Thomas Hawk's photowalking photos in Flickr here.
Note: Thomas Hawk is also the CEO of a similar photo community sharing website called Zooomr.

I have been interested in the concept of photowalking and have been doing similar things with a couple of workmates and friends. The idea is that we would find a place to go to, walk around the place and start shooting while discussing anything and everything about photography, camera functions, post processing techniques, and you name it. We have even created a Flickr group called "Photowalking" for posting and sharing photos taken during those walking sessions.

Here are some of the photos I took recently during a photowalking session:
Helen of Troy taking photoHelen of Troy taking photograph

Caught a lady dressed as a greek or a roman lady for a costume party. She was taking a picture of a performer for that party. She was taking this performer:

Perth City CBD - Late Afternoon
Perth CBD. Taken in the late afternoon before sunset.

Wishing Well Bell
A wishing well bell.
You need to sound the bell apparently to "wake" the "gods" in
order for your wishes to be heard and granted.

The fun of photowalking is that not only we get to shoot with other photographers together on the same subject, we can compare our shots, learn about photography techniques from one another, chat about anything under the sun while we enjoy the moment of taking photos, and most importantly, being able to encourage, assist and help improve our photography skills collectively. I have done at least half a dozen or so photowalking with my friends and workmates. I look forward to many more of these sessions.

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