Thursday, 7 December 2006

"Hello World!"

I have been a programmer (developer, software engineer) for many years. What intrigues me most as a developer/programmer is the "Hello World" program that every seasoned programmers are familiar with and all aspiring programmers will acquaint themselves with.

A quick search using Google quickly lands me to the Wikipedia about the "Hello World" program. Well, Wikipedia gives a pretty good summary about its origins and a few variations to this well known program. Interesting enough, "Hello World" is being used as the very first sample program, or the first program developers write or use to test out new programming language, software or new technology. So here I am, new to Blogging, and new to the whole concept of sharing my thoughts with who knows what or whom. Here is my very first "Hello World" test posting. My very first blog article. My very first taste of telling the world.... Autumn Leaf was here!!

Hello Wereld! 你好世界! Hola mundo! Bonjour monde! こんにちは世界! مرحبا العالم
Ciao mondo! 여보세요 세계! Hallo Welt!

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