Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Project Dullsville

Perth has been labeled by some local and inter states journalists as dull or boring. After having stayed here for 18 years and being a migrant from the ever busy city state of Singapore, I have to disagree with these kind of labellings. Perth may not have huge number of spots for night lives, but it sure has its share of interesting events and entertainments both in the inner city and in popular hang out areas like Northbridge and Fremantle.

In view of supporting the promoting of Perth city, I have decided to do a project on capturing images of the Perth city and the metropolitan area. I hope to showcase a little bit more of Perth through photography. I've named this personal quest as "Project Dullsville". I welcome anyone who is interested in joining me in show casing our great and most livable city we call home.

I will start the project by showing some famous Perth landmarks and will move on to showcasing events that happen in the Perth area and people in the city.

Matilda Bay Boatshed:

Matilda Bay Boatshed at dusk:
Matilda Bay Boatshed

Closeup of the Boatshed's door sign:
Crawley Edge Boatshed 73


C said...

We can't be that dull. We've Khazad-dum., the errant goblin or two out there...plenty of horrors to run from :D

Autumn Leaf said...

I think the whole idea of the project is to show the world that we have got interesting things here to see and to do as well :)