Tuesday, 4 December 2007

"Sell the Sizzle and Not the Steak"

I did my first presentation in many years today to my work colleagues. I was asked to present a project I am currently working on as a solution architect. I was supposed to sell a rosy picture about the project - I was to sell the sizzles.

Without going into details about the project, let me share a bit about my experience about doing the presentation (or public speaking). You see, I have never thought myself as a fluent public speaker. I can still remember the many fumbles I made everytime I was asked to do a speech. I still remember my very first presentation to a group of university lecturers and fellow students during my Honours year at University of Western Australia. I recalled being so nerve-wrecked and fumbled along the way throughout the presentation.

Fast-Forward the time-line to today. I did a presentation to my work colleagues and a couple of IT architects about the project I am currently working on. Surprisingly, the outcome is somewhat different from my previous experience. I am much more confident (or maybe just - could be self delusional I think). I used a lot more hand gestures as part of my communication. I ensured that I had eye contacts with my audience and I wasn't murmuring to myself. At least I did what I could to present my material to my audience in the clearest and the most interesting way I could possibly muster at that point in time. Well one down, I have one more presentation of the very same to go tomorrow.

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